Banned Substances In The UK

Should we receive any items from you which are deemed to be banned substances within the United Kingdom, Huboo holds a legal duty to report the consignments to UK police - even if you intend to sell these items to buyers in countries whereby the products are not banned.

Banned Substances Outside The UK

Some products you may find are banned in certain countries and not in others - for example electronic cigarettes are banned in Singapore. As such it is the seller’s legal responsibility to ensure listings for any items do not allow items which are restricted in certain countries to be purchased by buyers in those countries. 

Huboo can also help set up Country Blocks for you to ensure items banned in certain countries cannot be shipped there. It is the seller’s responsibility to guarantee orders for banned items are not shipped/attempted to be shipped to countries wherein they are banned. Huboo holds no responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of any such attempts made through failure on the seller’s part to prevent items being shipped to countries wherein they are banned nor does Huboo hold any legal liability for any such attempts.