As soon as an order is shipped from Huboo, it will be displayed in the "Sales Shipped From Huboo" section of your dashboard


This section serves to:

  • Confirm which orders have been shipped
  • When an order was shipped
  • The tracking number and tracking link for that order
  • The carrier service used to ship the order 

Once an order has been shipped and appears in this section of your dashboard, details of the tracking number will be relayed to your sales channel if the integration for your sales channel supports tracking synchronisation.

NB: Customer orders with more than one SKU included will be shown in unique rows per SKU - even if they carry the same tracking information.

When Should You Use "Sales Shipped From Huboo"?

  • If you are creating orders for Huboo manually (using the dashboard or CSV import methods) you should use this section to check when orders are shipped, so you can update your customers
  • When customers ask you for updates on your orders - all orders in this section (for tracked services/services with delivery confirmation scans) include deeplinks to the tracking for that order line.

Using Sales Shipped From Huboo To Check The Tracking Status Of An Order

Tracking your orders through the "Sales Shipped From Huboo" section of your dashboard is easy.

  • Locate the order you need to track using the search You can search by customer name, buyer username/id (where applicable), buyer post code, Huboo SKU (P Number), item identifier and product description

  • Once you've located the order you need to track, click the blue linked tracking number under the "Tracking" column
  • A new window/tab will open with the URL for the tracking of that order

Creating Tickets Regarding Specific Orders

The "Sales Shipped From Huboo" section of your dashboard also allows you to create tickets regarding specific orders/order lines. 

  • Locate the order you need to create a ticket for using the search
  • Click the "Create a ticket" button alongside the tracking information for the order
  • A pop-up will appear with a drop-down selector, from where you'll need to select if the ticket you need to create is regarding tracking for the order, if this customer has received the wrong item (a 'mis-pick') or something else ('other') 
  • The order number will be automatically-populated - just complete the message field with your enquiry details and hit the "Create a ticket" button. The ticket will be created and directed to your Hub for assistance/