The "Sales Not With Huboo" section of the dashboard is used to display sales which Huboo has received, but for one of six reasons (with default settings applied), Huboo cannot fulfil.

These six reasons are:

  • Huboo recognises the items on the order(s), but has no available stock to fulfil the order with
  • Huboo cannot recognise the item on the order (i.e. it cannot match the SKU / item number / product ID to any listings with Huboo)
  • Huboo recognises more than one potential match based on SKU / item number / title /product ID and cannot tell which listing to match the order to
  • The order's shipping address is in a country which you have instructed Huboo not to ship orders to 
  • The order is for an international shipment and has been blocked by Huboo pending the provision of vital customs information for the item on the order line
  • The order line is part of an overall international order which contains one or more items which is/are missing vital customs information

Above each order that is displayed in Sales Not With Huboo is a message, indicating for which of the above six reasons the order has been placed in this section:

  • "Waiting For Inventory" message - item recognised, but no stock available. If stock is received within 7 days of order line import, Huboo will allocate stock to this order and progress to "Current Sales With Huboo" ready for shipping:

  • "No Inventory" message - item recognised, but no stock available and either the order was imported more than 7 days ago, or you have requested Huboo disable the "wait for inventory" feature:

  • "Not Matching" messsage - item not recognised by Huboo (i.e. the SKU/ item ID/ title contained in the order could not successfully be associated with any information on a single Huboo listing):

  • "Duplicate Listing" message - item could potentially be matched to more than one listing with Huboo:

  • "Excluded Country" message - the order's shipping address is in a country you have asked Huboo not to ship to:

  •  "No/Invalid Commodity Code" - the item listing for this order line does not contain mandatory customs information including commodity codes:

  • "Not Processed due to associated Product in same order failure" - the order line forms part of an overall customer order within which another order line does not contain mandatory customs information including commodity codes:

*NB you should only ever find order lines carrying the "Not Processed due to associated Product in same order failure" message when you also have an order line carrying the "No/Invalid Commodity Code" error.

If you do not ship 100% of your items through Huboo, you should expect orders for items we will not fulfil to appear in "Sales Not For Huboo" under the "Not Matching" message.  

You should deliberately ensure that these items do not share SKUs with Listings With Huboo and that these listings are not linked via the dashboard to your Huboo listings.

Manually Match and Cancel Functions

Every order line that is displayed in "Sales Not With Huboo" will show 2 or 3 buttons underneath the error message, depending on the error type (unless it is a bundle order - see below section on Bundles With No Inventory)

Manually Match Function

The manually match button allows you to select an inventory item to use to fulfil the order line. 

This can be used to:

  • Select the item the order is for, if the order failed to match to the item the order is for
  • Select an alternative item from your inventory if you wish to send a customer an alternative. This is a popular option when the order error message is "WAITING FOR INVENTORY", as you can use this feature to send customers similar items to ones that may be out of stock.

This function CANNOT be used to manually match order lines to Bundle Listings. See below section on Bundles and Sales Not With Huboo for full details.

Cancel Function

The cancel button alongside order lines in Sales Not With Huboo will cancel that order line. If your order has multiple lines (i.e. is for a mixture of items) you will need to cancel each order line. Simply cancelling one line does not impact any other lines on the order. 

Bundles and Sales Not With Huboo

There are two scenarios whereby you may find order lines you wish to fulfil from Bundle Listings in Sales Not With Huboo:

  • When the order has not successfully matched to any Bundle Listings
  • When the order has successfully matched to a Bundle Listing, but some or all of the inventory items in that Bundle Listing are not available 

If you need to send a customer a bundle of items for any single order line in Sales Not With Huboo we recommend you cancel the order and create a manual order to ship the correct items to your customer. Note when creating a manual order you will need to mark this as fulfilled and add tracking details to the order manually in your sales channel.

You should then follow the instructions in our guide to creating Bundles With Huboo to ensure future bundle orders match correctly in Huboo.