The "Listings Not With Huboo" feature of the Huboo dashboard provides a quick and easy way of creating Huboo listings for your products, directly from your sales channel listings. 

What is the "Listings Not With Huboo" section for?

The section is designed to save clients time, by removing the need to create Huboo listings manually. 

How does it work?

For all Huboo channel integrations that support "Product Synchronisation" the "Listings Not With Huboo" section 'scrapes' listings from your channel, creating a 'carbon copy' of the listings' core details. 

These details vary by sales channel, but always include the key details Huboo uses to link listings on your channel to Huboo listings for inventory synchronisation (where available) and order synchronisation, such as:

  • Your SKU
  • The channel's product/listing ID
  • Any variation SKU/ID for variation listings
  • The 'Description' (title) of the product on the channel

An example of a listing scrape in "Listings Not With Huboo"

When you create a Huboo listing from a listing entry in "Listings Not With Huboo", a Huboo listing with a unique Huboo SKU (P Number) is created, with the information we scraped from the channel listing (such as SKU and product ID, as above) stored within the Huboo listing

When you add a listing to Huboo from "Listings Not With Huboo", it will be linked to the channel you added it from through your dashboard, so it is ready for us to send inventory updates to (where supported) and to successfully match orders from that channel for that item to your stock at Huboo for the item.

When Can I Use "Listings Not With Huboo"

You can use the "Listings Not With Huboo" section to create Huboo listings for any single items you intend to stock with Huboo. 

Using this section to create your Huboo listings is particularly useful if you want Huboo to update your inventory or match your orders to your Huboo listings based on Item IDs/item numbers/ASINs etc instead of the SKU you assign to items. 

Remember - you need to create Huboo listings for all your products before you send them to Huboo.

You cannot use this section to create Huboo listings from sales channels whereby the Huboo integration does not support product synchronisation. To check if our integration for your channel supports product synchronisation click here.

When Should I NOT Use "Listings Not With Huboo"

You should not use this section to create Huboo listings for any items that will not be stocked at Huboo as single units. 

If you have listings on your sales channel(s) for packs/bundles of items (which would require Huboo to pick more than one product to fulfil the order's lines) you should create a Bundle Listing in Huboo instead.

I've Changed My Channel Listing - Will The Change Feed Through To My Huboo Listing?

No. Listings created from the "Listings Not With Huboo" section are carbon copies of the listing's data at the time you created the Huboo listing

If you later edit the listing on your channel, or create a new listing for the same item, you will need to make those changes to your Huboo listing as well.