Can Huboo Handle Subscription Orders?

Huboo work with many subscription-based clients, with monthly orders automatically generated by their sales channel and automatically received to Huboo via API.

How Should You Configure Subscription Orders?

Available subscription applications vary from one sales channel to another (please see our Channels help folder for specific examples), but generally speaking you should try, wherever possible to:

  • Ensure that product SKUs on subscription orders match the product SKU in the Huboo dashboard, to ensure orders can be correctly matched by Huboo when repeat orders are generated
  • Ensure that you do not create listings for 'Subscription Listings' that can be created automatically in some sales channels. You should simply make sure that the SKU in these 'Subscription Listings' matches that of the standard product listing, which in turn should match the SKU in the Huboo dashboard for that item.

Can Huboo Handle Rotating Subscriptions / Subscription Cycles?

Huboo also work with a number of clients who send different products to their subscription customers each month. If you offer this type of rotating subscription / subscription cycle, you should discuss this clearly with your Huboo Business Development Manager prior to sending stock to Huboo to ensure that we configure your dashboard correctly and - where necessary - ensure the correct level of operational training and management is set up to handle this type of subscription.

Can Huboo Offer Different Delivery Services For Subscription Orders Between One Month & Another?

If your subscription app/plugin allows you to have different shipping services selected for customers between one month and another, you simply need to ensure that you have mapped your shipping services to Huboo's system correctly.

We also offer a 'VIP Override' setting for subscription clients, which automatically upgrades a subscription customer's first delivery to a first class, 24 hour service (UK only), whilst all repeat months will be sent using a second class, standard 48 hour service. This is designed to create a great first impression for your subscribers.