You can create orders manually through the dashboard using the "Add Manual Order" feature.

This feature allows you to create orders for Huboo to ship by simply selecting the Huboo SKUs you need us to ship, the quantity thereof and by entering the address and contact details for your customer / recipient. 

NB: If creating manual orders to fulfil orders placed on an online store or marketplace, you will need to change the order status and add tracking information on the sales channel manually. Once we fulfil the manual order, this information will show alongside the order under the "Sales Shipped From Huboo" section of the dashboard.

How To Use The Add Manual Order Feature

  • From the dropdown menu, click on the "Add Manual Order" link
  • Either by scrolling, or using the product search bar, find the inventory items you wish to add to the order. You can search using your SKU, Identifer, Huboo SKU or Title NB: You cannot add Bundle Listings to manual orders - you'll need to add each individual inventory item from the bundle and its respective quantity to the manual order separately.

  • Once you've found the item you wish to add to the order, click the "Add to Basket" button
  • You'll now see your basket contents at the head of the page, where you can adjust the quantity of the item on the order, or remove the item from the basket
  • If you need to add more items to the order, either use the search or scroll to find the other item(s) you need to add and repeat the steps above
  • Once you've added all items you need to fulfil, click the "Next" button, underneath the basket contents to the right hand side of the page
  • You'll now need to select where in the world the order to be shipped, using the 3 tabs at the head of the page
  • Enter your order ID. This should be unique to this order in Huboo
  • Enter the recipient's name and postcode. You can use our address finder to complete the full address if you wish - simply click the "Find Address" button to generate results in the dropdown menu
  • If you can locate the correct address within the address finder results, simply select the correct result and the full address fields below will be populated automatically
  • If you cannot see the correct address in the address finder results, or simply need to change any of the address line information, you can do this manually in the address line fields
  • You can then enter the recipient's telephone number and email address. These fields are optional - we recommend adding these wherever possible, so carriers can communicate with recipients. Huboo will not contact recipients directly
  • You should then select the service required for the order by clicking the "Choose Service" field and selecting from the results in the dropdown
  • You can the select the source of the order - this is for your records only - selecting a source here will not link the order to that sales channel in any way
  • Finally you can add the sales price (in GBP)
  • Now you've completed all fields, hit the "Submit" button
  • You should then be re-directed to the home page where a confirmation window should confirm the order has been created

Assigning The Correct IOSS Number To Orders Created Manually

If the orders you are creating manually originated on a marketplace, you may need to include an IOSS number for that marketplace on the order to ensure the end customer is not charged import duties/VAT when the goods arrive in the destination country.

Selecting the appropriate sales channel within the manual order prompts Huboo to include the respective IOSS number for the original sales channel. 

If the sales channel your order is sourced from is not listed, Huboo currently does not have up to date IOSS number records for that marketplace. 

In this instance you should either check with the marketplace if they have a valid IOSS number - and provide this to Huboo if available, or select "Other", in which instance Huboo will include your own IOSS number entered at if you have entered one. 

If you have not, selecting "Other" will lead to no IOSS number being included in the shipment data.