Huboo allows clients to import listings manually to the dashboard via CSV. 

This can be particularly useful for clients with a large number of listings or whereby your sales channel does not integrate with Huboo or the Huboo integration with your sales channel does not support product synchronisation. 

How To Import Listings To Huboo Via CSV


  • Populate the fields with the relevant product information, using the guidelines below and in the notes included in the document's column headers
  • Save/export as a .csv file, then follow the instructions on this page to import the file to Huboo through your dashboard

See below explanatory table:

Column HeaderData Required

Your product’s Title / Description as you want it to appear in Huboo.

The reference we will use to physically identify products when they arrive into our warehouse.

This could be how you label the item, or it could be the barcode of the item.

This must be unique for each different product.

See "Guide to SKUs & Identifiers" for more help.

The SKU for the product as it will appear on your sales channels (ebay/amazon/shopify etc)

See "Guide to SKUs & Identifiers" for more help.
Picture URL(Optional)

Insert a URL to an image of the product here to display this alongside the listing within your Huboo dashboard.

This must be a full URL string to function ( etc and not /productimage.jpeg).

The weight of the product in KG. 

Please note, Huboo will re-weigh your product on arrival. 
Cost Price(Optional)

The cost price per unit, useful to track inventory cost. This should be in GBP and a numeric value only (no £ sign etc)

Sale Price


The retail price per unit (to allow you to track sales values from the dashboard.) This should be in GBP and a numeric value only (no £ sign etc) 

Manufacture Country


ISO Country Code dropdown list. Select the code for the country your item is manufactured in.

Refer to this file for a full list of ISO Country Codes.

Only one can be selected.
Commodity Code


Numeric only filed, to allow you to classify customs export code for any goods being exported out of the UK. 

Help on finding the correct commodity code can be found HERE.

Customs Description


Free text field, to provide a clear description for any goods being exported out of the UK.

More information on Customs Descriptions can be found HERE.

Importing your listings CSV file to Huboo

  • Log into your Huboo dashboard at
  • From your dashboard homepage, under the "Total Listings" display, you'll find an "+Add Products" button; click the dropdown arrow and select "CSV file

  • Now click the "Choose File" button and select the CSV file you have created for your listings (ensuring the file has a .csv extension)

  • Once you've selected your file, the file name should appear underneath the "Choose File" button - once it does, click "Submit"

  • A confirmation/validation box should appear confirming your listing(s) have been created

  • If Huboo encounters any errors importing your item(s) they will be detailed in the validation report in the same dialogue box