Whether you sell through a marketplace, website or simply want to use Huboo for creating orders manually, we highly recommend you create a test order once you've set up your Huboo listings and dashboard settings.

Test orders are a quick and simple way of checking:

  • Listings on your channels match to your Huboo listings correctly - meaning orders can flow automatically without issue
  • Shipping method selections are correctly aligned on orders
  • Your integration (where applicable) is fully-functional

When creating test orders it's important to note the following:

  • Huboo will ONLY import orders which are marked as fully paid
  • Huboo will ONLY import orders on your sales channel's default processing status (the status an order is set to by the channel as soon as a customer has placed an order)

End-to-End Test Orders

Some clients may also like to see the email communications sent by the respective carriers used for an order, or to see for themselves just how well packaged Huboo shipments are. 

To see a complete end-to-end test order, you can either wait until you have stock available to do so, or ask your Huboo Business Development Manager to send a dummy order with one of our test products included, then simply create an order for yourself, with your own address as the shipping address.