Huboo allows clients to offer various shipping options to customers using our 'Shipping Mapping' tool. 

Our shipping mapping tool enables you to indicate within Huboo which carrier service should be used when a customer chooses a specific shipping method on your sales channel. 

Mapping Shipping Options On Marketplaces

For Amazon and eBay marketplaces default shipping options are pre-mapped within Huboo, as standard shipping method taxonomies are provided by these channels. 

As such, neither you nor Huboo need to take any special actions to map shipping options to services provided by Huboo. 

NB: Should you wish to provide a different level of service than that suggested within the shipping option - e.g. if you want to send orders where standard (48 hour) shipping has been selected on a 24 hour service, you will need to set up mapping in Huboo to achieve this. If this is the case, please follow the instructions given below on doing so.

Mapping Shipping Options On e-Commerce Stores

For e-Commerce store platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, Huboo will need to ‘map’ your shipping options to their respective Huboo services. This process is carried out by your Huboo Business Development Manager in line with information you provide us with.

Whilst each e-Commerce store platform varies, generally-speaking we require the custom name you apply to the shipping option on your store to be detailed alongside the Huboo service you wish to use when customers select/are given this option. 

To provide this information to us, simply download a copy of the following file, complete this with the shipping service names/titles from your store, select the Huboo service you wish to use for those services and return the file to your Huboo Business Development Manager.

Download Huboo's Standard Shipping Mapping Template File 

NB: the taxonomy used for your shipping names/titles MUST MATCH EXACTLY with your e-Commerce store - including upper/lower cases and any spaces/hyphenation.

Once received, your Business Development Manager will apply these mapping settings to your Huboo account. 

Once applied these settings will take immediate effect on your orders.

Changing Shipping Mapping Settings

If you need to change your shipping mapping settings at any point, please raise a support ticket or contact your Client Success Manager.