You only require one Huboo listing for each physical item you stock with Huboo - which you can link to one or all of your sales channels.

When you create a Huboo listing using the "Listings Not With Huboo" section of the dashboard, the listing created will already be linked to the channel tab in "Listings Not With Huboo" you copied it from (i.e. if you add the listing from "Listings Not With Huboo" > "Shopify Listings", the listing will be linked to Shopify as soon as it is created).

If you create a Huboo listing manually or upload manually via CSV, it will not be linked by the dashboard to any channel.*

Once have created a Huboo listing for your product, you can then link that listing to all of your sales channels using the dashboard*, enabling Huboo to assign stock to your multi-channel orders as they are placed and synchronise inventory levels across those channels.

Linking A Huboo Listing To Your Channel Listings

  • Go to "Listings"under the "Listings" menu
  • Find the listing which you want to link to your sales channel using the search or by scrolling through your listings
  • Click the "+ Link Channel" button to the far right hand side of the Listing details
  • Under the "Add Channel" header, click the "Link" button inside the icon for the channel which you want to link your listing with
  • Underneath the product details a list of available (un-linked) listings from the sales channel will be displayed. Using the search by, or by scrolling, locate the listing on your channel you wish to link your Huboo listing to
  • Click the "Link Listing" button
  • A confirmation pop-up will be displayed allowing you to cross reference your Huboo listing with the channel listing details
  • Once you are sure you are linking the correct listings, click "Submit"
  • You will now see the Listing is linked to your channel from the list of view of the "Listings" page

Linking A Listing To Multiple Channels

To link your Huboo Listing to multple channels, you simply need to repeat the steps above, selecting the other channel(s) you wish to link the listing with

  • Under the "Listings" page, find the listing that is already linked with one or more of your channels using the search or by scrolling
  • Click the "+ Link Channel" button, underneath the icon(s) for any existing channel links on the listing
  • Click the icon for the next channel you wish to link the listing to
  • Find the channel listing you wish to link to using the search or by scrolling
  • Click the "Link Listing" button
  • Again, check you are linking to the correct listing and click the "Submit" button in the pop-up confirmation box
  • Within the Listings page you'll now see the Huboo listing linked to multiple channels

* You can repeat the process above for 1 listing per every channel whereby the Huboo integration offers 'Product Synchronization'. Currently, we cannot support the linking of multiple listings of the same item on a single sales channel.