When you first start using Huboo, your account will be set to prevent orders from automatically releasing to our warehouse. 

This is to ensure that you can be confident your orders are allocating correctly to stock and also to ensure Huboo do not ship any orders you may have already fulfilled yourself before joining Huboo.

This is controlled by a feature called "Hold Orders".

This feature is something that can currently only be added/removed by Huboo admins - to protect against accidental disabling of the feature.

Removing "Hold Orders"

Once you are happy that your orders are matching correctly to your Huboo listings and that there is no risk of Huboo shipping orders you have may have self-fulfilled, please contact your Business Development Manager, requesting they disable the "Hold Orders" feature on your account.

Enabling "Hold Orders"

If at any point you would like for Huboo to enable the "Hold Orders" feature, so you can take complete, manual control over which orders we ship and those we should not ship, simply contact either your Business Development Manager or Client Success Manager and request we enable the "Hold Orders" feature (ensuring also to request that our "Release Full Baskets" feature is not enabled on your account.