When customers order multiple items from your sales channel, sometimes one of more of the items in the overall order (basket) may not be in stock at Huboo.

In such instances, you may to prevent Huboo from 'part-shipping' those orders, to preserve your margins and only ship those orders to clients once all the stock required to fulfil the complete order is available in Huboo.

How To Prevent Huboo From Part-Shipping (Fully-Matched) Orders

By combining two Huboo order processing settings (available on request by raising a support ticket / contacting your Business Development Manager), Huboo is able to hold the available part of multi-item orders whereby the other item(s) is out of stock (assuming both/all items are successfully matched to Huboo listings).

Full details regarding both of these settings are provided at the following links:

Hold Orders


Release Full Baskets

By combining both of these settings, when Huboo receives the multi-item order, any in-stock items on the order are automatically placed on hold. 

Huboo will then check all matched items on the order every 20 minutes - releasing all lines of the order if all matched items are in available in sufficient quantities and allocated successfully to the order, or keeping the in-stock items on hold if any matched items are found to have insufficient stock to fulfil the order in full.

What Happens To Order Lines That Do Not Match Successfully To Huboo Listings?

If any items on the multi-item order are not successfully matched to a Huboo listing they will not be considered by Huboo to be part of the overall 'Basket' - meaning that the settings above will not apply to those order lines. 

If you have an order for 3 items, whereby 2 items match to Huboo listings and are both in stock, whilst the third item does not match to any Huboo listings, the 2 items will be held for up to one 1 hour, checked and considered to be 'full baskets' and then will be released automatically.

Any order lines that cannot be successfully matched to Huboo listings will be sent to "Sales Not With Huboo", displaying the "Not Matching" error message, as per the below screenshot: