By default, Huboo will use the list (standard) item price from your sales channel(s) to be included in the electronic customs data we send with your order(s). This value is the value that will be used by Customs to calculate any duties and taxes payable on the shipment,

There may be occasions where to provide more accurate data regarding the sales price of an item(s), you need to control this value manually (for example if you are offering an ongoing discount on all orders) rather than using the original (full) item price imported from your sales channel. 

Huboo allows users to set a price that will override the price values imported from your channel(s) within the Listings section of your dashboard.

Defining Your Sales Price For Customs In The Dashboard

  • Log into your Huboo dashboard at
  • Click the 'Listings' link under the 'Listings' dropdown menu
  • Find the item listing you need to edit the Customs Sales Price for either by scrolling or searching identifier, Huboo SKU, SKU or title

  • Click the "Details" button under the "Actions" column

  • Underneath the "PRODUCT IDENTIFIERS" section of product data, you'll find the "Customs Sales Price" field:
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the field contents, apply the price in GBP (British Pound Sterling) you wish to set as the Customs Sales Price, then click the tick icon to update the field value

How the Customs Sales Price Field Works

  • If the Customs Sales Price field is BLANK (with no data in the field) Huboo will use the standard list price for the item imported from your sales channel order (or added manually when creating orders manually / importing orders manually via .CSV file
  • If the Customs Sales Price field is NOT BLANK Huboo will use whichever value you have inserted (in GBP) as the sales value of that item (and each unit thereof) in the data submitted to Customs electronically.

Important Note 

By using this feature clients accept full responsbililty for any customs and tax implications which may arise from using this feature. 

It is the client's responsibility to ensure all data entered in the Customs Sales Price field is accurate and will not result in any under or over calculations of customs duties or taxes in any state/nation.