Step 1)

Sign into your Wordpress & WooCommerce store

Step 2)

Go to your WooCommerce “Settings” menu

Step 3)

Within the WooCommerce settings page, click “Advanced

Step 4)

Within the advanced settings, click on the “REST API” link

Step 5)

Click the “Add key” button

Step 6)

Give the API key a recognisable name (e.g. Huboo), leave the user on its default selection (usually the store owner), select “Read/Write” permissions, then click the “Generate API key” button

Step 7)

A Consumer key and Consumer secret will be generated - keep this page open in a separate window/tab

Step 8)

Now log into your Huboo dashboard and go to the “Channels” page (link at the bottom of the left hand sidebar navigation)

Step 9)

Click the WooCommerce Icon

Step 10)

Click the “Add Shop” button

Step 11)

Enter your store url (including http / https as appropriate) into the Shop url field, then carefully copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the API Key details page on your WooCommerce store

Step 12)

Click “Connect