There may be occasions whereby you need to create orders manually, for example to send replacement orders to customers or to send test orders to Huboo.

Shopify allows you to create orders manually from your admin panel. 

Using this method to create manual orders for your customers is sometimes very helpful, as we will still be able to automate fulfilment status changes and tracking number/URL uploads to your store for these orders (which we cannot do when you create orders manually directly within your Huboo dashboard).

When creating orders manually in Shopify there are some important steps to follow to ensure that the information Huboo imports from the order is correct and that your shipping service selection on the order is recognised by Huboo.

Creating Orders Manually In Shopify

  • Log into your shopify store

  • Click the “Orders” link in the sidebar navigation:

  • Click the “Create order” button at the top right hand side of the Orders page:

  • Add a customer to the order - either by creating one, or selecting one from your shopify customer database:

  • Search or browse for the product(s) you want to add to the order:

  • Check the item you wish to add to the order:


  • Then click “Add to order”:


  • Adjust your quantity and price accordingly, then “Add shipping” to ensure that you select a shipping rate for the order which you have mapped to Huboo:


  • Then click “Apply” to select this shipping rate for the order


  • You’ll then see this rate name appear under the Shipping label on the order:


  • Confirm/take payment as appropriate:


  • By Marking the order as paid, you’ll be creating a confirmed (non-draft) order


  • This order should now be in a suitable state for Huboo to import - on the default “Unfulfilled” status and marked as “Paid