Step 1

Login to Channel Grabber and click “settings” in the top bar navigation

Step 2

At the bottom of the left hand side bar navigation, under “Advanced”, click “API”

Step 3

You’ll be presented with some contact details for Channel Grabber, as you’ll need to contact them to enable access to your API - call Channel Grabber on the number provided and ask for them to enable your API access

Step 4

Your account manager will provide you with an API key and secret. Next log into Huboo and scroll down to the “Channels” menu in the sidebar navigation

Step 5

Under the “MultiChannels” section click on the Channel Grabber icon

Step 6

Click the “Add Shop” button

Step 7

A pop-up box will appear. Give the Channel Grabber account a name in the “Shop Name” field, paste your API key into the “API key” field and secret into the “Secret” field. The Shop Url field will be automatically populated and should be left as it appears.

Step 8

Hit “Connect”

Important Notes
Once you've followed these steps you should check your SKUs on Channel Grabber, match those in huboo under the "SKU - how we link your orders" field perfectly, as our Channel Grabber integration works exclusively on SKU.