Huboo's bundles feature does not currently support inventory synchronisation. 

If you need Huboo to synchronise stock levels on your store for composite type products, you can still achieve this by using the 'Bundles' app by Gazebo within your Shopify store.

The Bundles app works by allowing you to create specific Bundle listings within Shopify, which, just like in Huboo, are comprised of other, existing listings in your Shopify store for the component parts of the composite product/bundle. 

You cannot amend an existing Shopify listing to a Bundle listing - you need to create new listings through the App.

To complete the set up to allow inventory to be synchronised for these listings, you then simply need to link your component part listings in Shopify. 

For components such as inserts and packaging, naturally you will not wish to have these listings live on your storefront. 

You simply need to create listings for these in Shopify, set their product status to 'Active'

And ensure that "Online Store" is NOT checked within the Sales Channels and Apps menu as per the below screenshots

Finally, you then need to link these Shopify listings to your Huboo listings for these component parts and ensure that inventory synchronisation is enabled in your Huboo dashboard under your Shopify Channel Settings (click the Shopify icon, then click the 'i' icon under the 'actions' section

Huboo will now be configured to update the inventory levels in Shopify for each of your component parts, which in turn the Bundles app can read and use to control the availability of the complete Bundle listing in your Shopify store.