Due to electronic customs data requirements, it's vital that the destination (delivery) country is correctly specified when raising orders through the Huboo Open API.


A valid ISO-2 (Alpha-2) country code will need to be included within the address for all orders received through the Huboo API. Our system validates the codes included on orders against the official list of ISO-2 country codes as found at https://www.iban.com/country-codes.

You can download a copy of the list by clicking here.

(This document also details which country codes require postcodes within the address and which country codes are members of the EU or EEA).


Should the country code not be included with the order, or the included country code cannot be validated against the list of codes provided above, the order will be rejected and an error response returned

To resolve this, you would need to correct the country code in the order data and re-submit the order.