Step 1)

To integrate your Wix store with Huboo, you'll require an 'App ID' and 'App Secret Key' from Wix. 

To generate these, you need to create a new app within your Wix Developers portal. To access this, go to and sign in with your Wix account information.

Step 2)

Click the "Create new app" button

Step 3)

In the workflow that appears on the App builder page, click the "Start Building Your App" dropdown arrow

Step 4)

Click the "Add Permissions" button from the expanded options

Step 5) 

Click the "Add permissions" button at the top right of the page

Step 6) 

Select "Wix Stores" from the drop-down menu

Step 7)

Check all the available options 

Step 8)

Click "Save" at the top right hand side of the page

Step 9)

Click "OAuth" from the left hand sidebar navigation

Step 10)

Under Redirect Url & App URL fields enter

Step 11)

Towards to the top right hand side of the page, click the "Test Your App" button, then from the drop-down options click "App Market Website"

Step 12) 

Click "Test App" when the following pop-up appears

Step 13)

You'll be re-directed to the 'App' 'listing' in Wix. Simply close this window;

Step 14)

Back in the "OAuth" page, copy the App ID to your clipboard 

Step 15) 

At click the Wix icon 

Step 16) 

Click the "Add Shop" button

Step 17) 

Enter a name for your store in the "Shop Name" field (this can be whatever you like, but it must not be used more than once on any of your Huboo integrations)

Step 18)

Now paste the App ID into the App ID field

Step 19)

Now paste the App Secret Key into the App Secret Key field

Step 20)

Click "Connect"

Step 21)

You'll be re-directed in a new tab to your Wix account. If not already, please log in into your Wix account which has the site you would like to connect with Huboo.

When logged in, you'll be asked to select a site which you wish to 'add the App' to - click the 'Select' button alongside the store you wish to integrate with Huboo

Step 22)

A confirmation pop-up will appear - confirming the permissions granted to the app - click the "Add to Site" button

Step 23)

A new window will open with a confirmation message, showing the 'Despatch Cloud' logo. Close this tab and return to the Huboo dashboard Channels page

Step 24)

A setup verification pop-up will appear - click the "Verify" button

Step 25)

The window should display a confirmation message that your Wix connection is complete