Should you wish to integrate to Huboo via our Open API you'll need to start by creating an account in our sandbox environment, to allow you test placing orders and fetching inventory and tracking data from Huboo.

  • Fill in your details and click create account. E.g:

  • Click “Skip for now” (shown below) multiple times until you get onto the Dashboard. 

  • Go onto your settings page. It can be found by clicking on your profile picture and name on the top left side of the page. 

  • Scroll down until you reach the API Keys section and generate one. Ensure to save the API key somewhere safe as it will only be shown to you once. Once you leave the page, you will no longer be able to view it. If you lose it, you will need to create another key. NOTE - Make sure to save the ENTIRE URL, its much longer than the textbox.

Note 1 - API token can be used to authenticate your requests on the sandbox-api. 

You can use the production api-docs (link: to see the documentation. 

The documentation will be accurate for the sandbox barring 1 exception, the base URL is different. 

Base URLs: 

• production base url:

• sandbox base url: 

An example URL for getting products on production vs sandbox is: 

• production get products url: 

• sandbox get products url:

Note 2 - You will be able to make requests to the API and all endpoints. However, some of the endpoints have some other requirements for them to be able to make successful requests. 

For example: To create an order on the API you need to have some existing products with us and inventory for said products already in the staging database when you make the request. You can create products themselves via the API however stock/inventory will need to be added manually for their products by our Technical Support Team.

  • Create a support ticket for our Technical Support Team, requesting us to add artificial positive inventory values to your staging dashboard account to allow you to test reading inventory and placing orders. (Note - Please, ensure that you create listings in your Sandbox dashboard prior to raising this request).

  • Once you have created test orders, you may wish to test fetching tracking data from your staging dashboard. If so, please create a support ticket requesting us to add artificial tracking information to the order(s) in question. 

  • If you have questions / encounter difficulties whilst developing your integration, please create a support ticket . Please note we do not offer direct Developer phone/email support for Open API integration development, but are able to submit information and support requests in the form of tickets to our engineering department where required.

Common issues you may encounter: 

406 Responses: 

o You are missing a header within their request. The `Accept: application/json` header needs to be set for ALL requests to the API. 

401 Response: 

o Your request is unauthenticated. Meaning that API token is likely incorrect/invalid.