Step 1)

Sign into your Magento 2 admin

Step 2)

Click the "Systems" link in the side bar navigation, then click on the "Integrations" link under the "Extensions" section

Step 3)

Click the "Add New Integration" button in the top right hand corner of the page

Step 4)

Click the "API" link underneath the "BASIC SETTINGS" menu

Step 5) 

Click the triangle drop-down link in the "Resource Access" selector 

Step 6) 

Toggle this to "All"

Step 7)

Click back onto the "Integration Info" link in the "Basic Settings" menu

Step 8)

Give the Integration a suitable name, like 'Huboo', enter in the email address field and any value in the identity link URL field

Step 9)

Click the small arrow to the side of the orange "Save" button and click "Save & Activate" from the drop-down (don't just click "Save" - this will lead to tokens failing to generate)


Step 10)

A pop-up will appear showing all the permissions granted to the API - click the "Allow" button

Step 11)

Your credentials will be generated in a new dialogue box. Copy the "Access Token" to your clipboard

Step 12)

Send the following to Huboo's technical support team by creating a ticket or emailing

  • A nickname for the store , e.g. "My Store"
  • The store's front end URL, e.g. ""
  • The Access Token generated in Step 10