Step 1)

Raise a support ticket for our technical support team through your dashboard at (put ‘tech help’ in the subject line) - asking for us to send you an AliExpress connect link

Step 2)

We’ll send you an authorisation URL ; before clicking the URL, make sure you’re signed into the AliExpress seller account you wish to integrate with Huboo

Step 3) 

Click the authorisation URL. If successful, you should be taken to a confirmation page like in the below screenshot;

Step 4) 

Reply to the support ticket confirming you’ve clicked the authorisation link. We’ll then confirm when the integration is active.

Step 5)

Every month you will need to renew your integration, as the AliExpress platform does not support the refreshing of authorisation tokens. 

We will send you a new authorisation link each month to click, allowing you to stay connected.