Shopify's 'Locations' feature allows users to create 'virtual warehouses', to accurately monitor inventory levels across different storage or retail sites. 

Huboo users are able to 'map' these virtual warehouses to Huboo's physical site locations within the client dashboard, thus enabling Huboo to synchronise inventory levels to their respective locations within Shopify.

This also allows us to correctly update orders as fulfilled in Shopify, in line with its expectations of where the goods should be fulfilled from, provided the correct Shipping Rates & Zones configuration has been applied within Shopify. 

Ensuring these settings are applied correctly within both Huboo & Shopify is crucial to ensuring we can;

  • Successfully synchronise inventory across locations
  • Successfully synchronise order fulfilment status & tracking links to Shopify

Mapping Your Locations To Huboo's Warehouses Within The Dashboard

Once you've integrated your store with Huboo, you'll be able to follow the below steps to map your Shopify locations to your Huboo dispatch sites.

  • Log in to
  • Click the 'Channels' link near the bottom of the left hand side bar navigation
  • Click the Shopify icon

  • Click the 'pencil' icon to the right hand side of the pop-up window (above the 'Add shop' button)

  • Click the 'Link Locations' tab

  • You'll be presented with a list of Huboo dispatch sites enabled on your Huboo account (i.e. Huboo warehouses you intend to store stock within)
  • Using the drop-down selectors, choose one of your Shopify locations to map to the respective Huboo dispatch sites (if you're unsure how to create/edit Locations within Shopify, please refer to this article)

  • Click 'Save'

Huboo will now be able to synchronise inventory to the respective Shopify locations in line with where you store the goods in the UK. In addition, when we send fulfilment requests to Shopify, we'll include the correct Location ID to ensure that Shopify accepts our fulfilment request.

Important Note

Multi-site inventory synchronisation is only available to users of our v2 inventory management service. If you are unsure if your account uses this service, or need us to update your account to allow use of the above feature, please create a support ticket.