Shopify allows users to create 'Locations' to act as virtual warehouses within stores, allowing you to keep track of inventory stored across different physical sites and to assign preferential 'dispatch from' locations based on your customers' geographical location.

Default Locations Settings In Shopify

If you're not familiar with the Locations settings within Shopify, it's likely your store is set up in its default state.

Shopify's current default Locations setting is to have one location, using the details you entered when opening your store (most likely your registered company address)

Online Order Fulfilment

Shopify allows you to select which of your locations you fulfil online orders from. When setting up, as you only have one location, the option to 'Fulfill online orders from this location' is pre-selected and can only be changed once you add more locations

Sales Taxes & Locations

As you're able to add locations globally, you will be prompted to review sales tax settings for the region - help with which you can find on Shopify's own help centre;

Adding More Locations

You may wish to manage inventory across multiple Locations within your Shopify store, for example if you use more than one Huboo Dispatch Site, or if you wish to store/dispatch any inventory from your own storage or retail premises. 

You can add more locations to your Shopify store by following the below steps;

  • Log into your Shopify admin panel and click the 'Settings' link at the foot of the left hand side bar navigation

  • Click the 'Locations' link in the sidebar navigation

  • Click the 'Add location' button at the top right hand side of the screen

  • Assign a name to the location. If you're creating this to reflect a Huboo dispatch site, we recommend naming the Location "Huboo Netherlands" for example

  • You'll be asked (optional fields) to enter the address of the location (if you wish to enter Huboo's full addresses, you can find these here) ;

  • Click 'Save' (either at the top or bottom right hand side of the screen)