Step 1

Log into your Linnworks account

Step 2

Under the “Inventory” menu in the sidebar navigation, click the “Locations” link under inventory settings:

Step 3

On the right hand side of the page, click “Add New” :

Step 4

Create a new location for Huboo, calling it something easily recognisable, like “Huboo” and enter our address details as below, then hit “Save”:

Step 5

Ensure the check box under “FC” is NOT checked for the Huboo location:

Step 6

Log in to your Huboo dashboard and click on the ‘Channels’ menu from the left hand side bar navigation

Step 7

Scroll down to “Multichannels” and click the Linnworks icon

Step 8

Click the “Add Shop” button

Step 9

A warning notification may appear reminding you to ensure you have disconnected any sales channels from Huboo BEFORE completing the Linnworks integration:

Step 10

Click “I Agree”

Step 11

Click the “Log into Linnworks” button

Step 12

A new window/tab will open directing you to the Linnworks site, with a dialog box asking you to sign in to allow the Huboo application access to your Linnworks account. Sign in with your usual Linnworks credentials here:

Step 13

A further box will appear asking you to install the application - click the “Install” button

Step 14

A confirmation box should appear to confirm the application has been installed successfully on your Linnworks account:

Step 15

Navigate back to your Huboo dashboard, where the Linnworks pop-up box should still be open. Click the “Next” button:

Step 16

You’ll now be asked to select a location for Huboo to manage inventory at within Linnworks - select the location for Huboo you created earlier:

Step 17

Hit the “Connect” button:

Step 18

Now click the ‘Info’ (i) icon under “Actions” :

Step 19

Using the dropdowns, select the following options and hit “Save” :

Step 20

Your Linnworks integration is now complete - under your channels menu you should now see a “1” under the Linnworks icon: