Many Huboo clients use the Recharge subscriptions app within Shopify to facilitate regular subscription payments and dispatches.

The below information details how to configure your  listings in Huboo when using the ReCharge Checkout


Huboo can be configured to work alongside the application easily, ensuring that subscription listings are correctly matched when orders renew - and - where required, subscriptions are rotated as necessary.

Standard Subscriptions (Same product(s) each month)

For each item you intend to use alongside Recharge, you'll need to create an 'Auto Renew' listing; which will be the listing included on all future, recurring sales for the subscription customer. The first order, however, will include the 'standard' product listing - the listing that is published to your site and visible to consumers.

Due to this, you will need to use 2 different SKUs for these listings to ensure the contents of your subscription orders can succesfully be matched to your inventory at Huboo. Shopify does not allow you to use the same SKU across two listings.

Configuring your listings in Shopify & Huboo for Standard Subscriptions

  • Create you 'standard listing' (the listing customers can see and purchase on your store (ensure the 'Product status' is 'Active' and 'Online Store' is selected from the 'Sales Channels and Apps' checkboxes) ;


  • You should ensure the SKU on Shopify matches the SKU in Huboo;

  • Create your 'Auto-Renew' listing in Shopify, ensuring that the Product status is 'Active' and that 'Online store' is un-checked in the 'Sales Channels and Apps' checkboxes;

  • You will need to assign a UNIQUE SKU to this listing in Shopify. We recommend adding a suffix like '-SUB' to your SKU, to indicate a subscription SKU;

  • Using the same SKU, you should now create a Huboo 'Bundle Listing' containing the item you want to ship when we receive orders for the Auto-Renew listing;

When your subscription orders are generated on the 2nd/3rd month (and so on) these orders will be successfully matched to your inventory through the 'Bundle Listing'.

NOTE: No special configuration is required for users of the ReCharge app format if setup since February 2021. If you're not sure on which format your store is using, please refer to