When you are ready to send us your stock you will need to add an inbound stock delivery to let us know what's arriving and when. 

How to add stock deliveries

  • On your dashboard click the 'Stock' tab on the left followed by the 'Add Stock' page below.

  • Within this page you will be able to see a list of all of your listings. To add any inbound stock to the delivery notice, click the 'Add to Delivery' button next to your chosen listing.

  • Once clicked, these listings will then snap to the top where you can change the quantity. Add all of the listings that will be in the delivery and when ready click 'Next'.

  • You will then be brought to the stock delivery details page. You will need to enter:
    • Your Delivery Reference Number: This is a unique string to identify this delivery. An example could be '22/06/2022 Weights'. We'd suggest making this something recognisable in case you need to check back on your 'Delivery History' another time.
    • Package Type: In this dropdown menu you can let us know if the delivery will be bags, boxes, pallets or something else.
    • Number of Packages Expected: The number of the above package type that will be arriving.
    • Site: Which Huboo warehouse you are currently fulfilling from. If you do not see your site in the list then please raise a ticket with our Tech Support team who will get this sorted for you.
    • Expected Delivery Date: Clicking the box will make a calendar pop up where you can select the date the delivery will arrive. It is important to mention that the date must be at least 3 days in advance.
    • Estimated Quantity per Package: This is the approximate number of items per package.
  • Agree to Huboo's Minimum Delivery Requirements
  • Click Next

  • Delivery Created! You can now add the tracking information if you have it and can look at the receipt for the delivery by clicking 'Delivery details page'.