Shopify allows you to add conditions when creating shipping rates.

This in turn allows you to map orders by weight to Huboo services, by providing Huboo with a different shipping service title depending on the cumulative weight of the order (based on the weights assigned to the items in Shopify).

Adding Conditions To Shipping Rates In Shopify

  • Find the shipping zone that you wish to add a conditional shipping rate to
  • Click the 'Add rate' button
  • Select 'Set up your own rates' and 'Custom flat rate' transit time
  • Give the rate a relevant name, enter the price you wish to charge for this service and click the 'Add conditions' link
  • You can then apply conditions based on weight or order price

Important note;

For weight-based conditions to work correctly, you'll need to ensure you have applied a product's weight within its listing; you'l find the section to add the item's weight in the 'Shipping' section of your product listing page;

Note that Shopify will calculate the order weight based on the sum of product weights only - if you need to take into account a packaging weight, we would recommend adding an estimated 'packed weight' in the above field to give you a more accurate representation of the overall consignment weight.