Before you start shipping orders through Huboo, we're able to apply a series of User Preferences for you, to customise your Huboo experience. These specific prefences can only be applied by Huboo agents and would usually be specified during your onboarding journey, either with your Business Development contact or your Sales Support Executive contact. 

Which Preferences Can You Define?

Account Name
This is usually what will appear on your shipping labels, so it's a good idea to apply your company name here, instead of a person's name
Primary Contact Telephone Number
The number you would like Huboo agents to call if we ever need to discuss your account, or orders on your account
Alternative Phone NumberAn alternative to the above
Order Management Settings
We are able to offer an array of order management preferences, as explained in the below articles;

Selecting Manual or Automatic Order Releasing

Handling Partially-Allocated Orders 

Inventory Waiting (Automatic Back Order Allocation)

Order Basketing Options (Combining Order Lines To Single Parcels)

Order Email Notifications
Goods In Site SelectionDepending on your dispatch sites (i.e. if you ship from more than one Huboo warehouse) we can assign multiple goods-in receipt sites.

These settings determine the goods-in site options you can select when creating deliveries in your dashboard

Please note that whilst these will always be in the same region, these may differ to the address of the dispatch site - please check carefully before sending your goods to us.