Step 1)

Sign into your PrestaShop admin account 

Step 2) 

Click the 'Advanced Parameters' link under the 'Configure' section of the sidebar navigation, then click the 'Webservice' link

Step 3)

Click the 'Add new webservice key' button at the top right hand side of the 'Webservice' page

Step 4)

Click the 'Generate' button next to the 'Key' field 

This will generate a secure key like below

Step 5)

Copy this Key to a notepad file and save it on your desktop - keep the file open, as you'll need this again in a few moments

Step 6) 

Give the Key a name in the 'Key description' field - we recommend entering 'Huboo' here

Step 7)

Ensure the 'Enable webservice' key is toggled to 'Yes'

Step 8) 

In the 'Permissions' table, check the 'All' field for all rows* (ensure you use the slider to scroll down through the extensive list of permissions). 

*Huboo will only use the resources necessary to fulfil the tasks of importing orders and relaying inventory and tracking information to your store. If you don't want to grant full access to all resources please contact support.

Step 9)

Click 'Save'

Step 10)

Click the 'Information' link under the 'Advanced Parameters' dropdown under the 'Configure' section of the sidebar navigation

Step 11)

Copy the 'Shop URL' details to your clipboard and add this to the notepad file where you've saved your Key;

Step 12) 

Save the notepad file and send this to us at with 'Integrate PrestaShop' in the subject line.

Once you've sent your keys to us, please allow 72 working hours for us to confirm we've received your keys. We will then advise you once your integration is ready to use.