Step 1)

Login to your PrestaShop admin account

Step 2)

Click on the 'Modules' link under the 'Improve' category in the sidebar navigation and click the 'Module Catalog' link

Step 3)

Search for the module called 'Huboo Integration' and choose Install

Step 4)

Once installed click the 'Configure' button on the module

Step 5)

Configure the following options:

   - Company Name

   - Huboo Customer Number (this can be found on your Huboo dashboard in the 'Hub' tab

    - Huboo API Key (To get this go to your Huboo dashboard > 'your name in the top left' > Account settings and scroll to         the bottom to find API Key. Give it a name like 'Prestashop Integration' and click generate. Copy this into Prestashop.

    - Active Workflows (Enable Order Imports and Tracking Updates. You can also activate Inventory Updates if you want               your stock automatically synced.

    - Import Order State (The state which we should use for downloading new orders)

    - Shipped Order State (The state we should set order to when they are shipped)

Click Save

Step 6)

Contact Tech Support at Huboo to verify your account

Step 7)

Once Tech Support has verified your account you need to enable the integration on Prestashop. To do this go to Prestashop Admin Panel > Modules > Module Manager > find 'Huboo Integration' > click the dropdown next to configure and click Enable

Step 8)

You're integration is now active! To get your listings set up please contact our Tech Support team.