Once you've connected your store to Huboo, you'll need to define which workflows you'd like us to run within your integration;

  • Order Synchronisation - the import of orders from your store
  • Product Synchronisation - the import of products listings from your store
  • Inventory Synchronisation - the synchronisation of Huboo's stock leves to your shopify listings

Selecting your preferences

Step 1

Log into your Huboo dashboard and click the 'Channelslink in the sidebar navigation

Step 2) 

Click the Shopify icon

Step 3)

Click the 'pencil' icon to the right of the pop-up box 

Step 4)

Click the drop-down selector under the 'Order processing' field

We recommend selecting "Pull all orders"

What does the 'Pull order by location' setting do?

This setting changes which 'sources' (see blue hihglighted section of screenshot below) for orders can be imported. It does NOT filter orders by inventory location.

Step 5)

To allow Huboo to import your product listings from your Shopify store, you'll need to enable 'Product processing'

Setting this to 'Enabled' will allow Huboo to commence performing 'get product' calls to your store, to populate the Shopify tab within 'Listings Not With Huboo'

Step 5)

You are able to select if you'd like Huboo to synchronise available inventory levels back to your Shopify listings under the 'Inventory processing' dropdown

  • If you DO want us to synchronise inventory levels to the store, we recommend selecting 'Linked by all possible' 
  • If you do NOT want us to synchronise inventory levels, select 'Disabled'

Step 6)

Once you've selected your preferences, click the 'Save' button