Big question!  For Parcels and Large Letters we provide a Royal Mal Delivery Confirmation Number that shows in the Royal Mail website that it has been delivered or whether it is waiting to be collected from the post office.  We can also provide Proof of Postage if needed.

If either you or the buyer have requested a tracked delivery then the buyer will also receive an email and text message with the location of the item, for example if it has been delivered to a neighbour.   You can also look this up on the Royal Mail website to show the location.

Ultimately you will need to work with the customer to resolve the issue.  In many cases  providing the proof of delivery, and any additional confirmations encourages them to look for it.  If they do not find it then you will need to decide whether to let your channel provider (e.g. Amazon, eBay, shopify, etc.) intervene and use our documentation as your proof, or whether to refund or send a manual replacement. This is the same as if you are sending out the stock yourself.

If the item failed to be delivered and you opted for protection on the item then we will refund the full value of the sale to your account up to the value of the protection you asked for.