Integrating Huboo With Amazon

Huboo integrates easily and comprehensively with Amazon. 

Simply follow the steps below to integrate your Seller Central dashboard with Huboo

  • Sign into your Seller Central Dashboard and hover over the “Apps & Services” menu in the main navigation:

  • Click on the “Discover Apps” link in the dropdown

  • On the Discover Apps page, search for “Huboo” using the search box at the head of the page:

  • The Huboo app should appear in the results:

  • Click on the icon and in the right hand column of the page click to install the app. Once you’ve installed the app you will also need to Authorise it:

  • Follow the instructions on screen, selecting all options to allow Huboo access to your order information 

  • When you authorise the app an MWS Auth Token will be generated. Copy this and your Amazon seller ID (also shown in the app information) and send this to your Business Development Manager at Huboo.

  • Once we have entered your MWS Auth Token and Seller ID your Amazon listings should download into your 'Listings Not Yet With Huboo' section of your Huboo dashboard within 2-3 hours. 

  • Your amazon account will now be fully integrated.