Integrating Huboo With Shopify

Huboo is a certified Shopify Partner and offers complete integration with Shopify stores. You can integrate as many Shopify stores as you like with one Huboo dashboard.

Simply follow the steps below to integrate your Shopify store(s) with Huboo:

  • Log into your Shopify store and click on ‘Apps’ in the sidebar navigation

  • At the foot of the Apps page (underneath the featured Apps box) you’ll see the following message - click the link to “Manage Private Apps”

  • Click the button to “Create a new private app”

  • In the “App details” section at the head of the page, enter Huboo in the “Private app name” field and in the “Emergency developer email” field

  • Scroll down to the “Admin API” section - ensure that the “Products, variants and collections” dropdown selector is set to “Read and write” 

  • Next click on the “Review disabled API Permissions dropdown

  • When selecting permissions from the list that appears, you need to ensure that access is granted to all aspects of orders, products, fulfilment, inventory, shipping rates, locations, customer details and customer groups. These should be set to “Read and write” where available, or “Read access” where “Read and write” is not an option

  • Save the settings - this will create your Private App for Huboo. Once you’ve done so, your API keys, password, Example URL & Shared Secret will be generated

  • Copy the API key, Password & Shared Secret and send these credentials to your Huboo Business Development Manager, along with your Shopify URL (e.g. - do not include the HTTPS://)

  • Once your Business Development Manager has added these credentials to our system, your Shopify store will be integrated with Huboo

Inventory Synchronisation & Order Download Settings

Huboo will only start to synchronise inventory for your Shopify store once you enable the settings for us to do so. 

This way you can be sure your stock levels will only display the stock you have at Huboo once you decide you want this to happen (you can also just leave this disabled if you do not want Huboo to manage inventory on your store).

To enable synchronisation:

  • Once your store is integrated, visit your Huboo dashboard settings by logging into your Huboo account and clicking your username in the top right hand corner and clicking on “Update Settings” from the dropdown menu

  • Click the “Preferences” button in the settings navigation

  • Under your preferences tab there will be a section to manage your Shopify integration preferences. 

Under “Shopify inventory update” toggle the settings so that the URL checkbox is ticked and (unless you have been advised to do otherwise by your Business Development Manager) select “Use all possible combinations” as the “Shopify inventory sync method”

Locations Settings Mapping

For huboo to mark your orders as fulfilled successfully, you must ensure that the correct location is selected within Huboo, using the “Shopify locations mapping settings” section of the Preferences tab

If your store only has one location defined, only one option will appear and this will be the default selection.