Integrating Huboo With Etsy

Integrating Huboo with Etsy is straightforward. Simply follow the steps below to enable Huboo to download orders and manage inventory on your Etsy account:

  • Ask your Huboo Business Development Manager to add Etsy to your Huboo account and to enable the Etsy controls in your client dashboard

  • Hit “Create a New App”



  • Use the data in the fields in the following screenshots to complete the fields required to create the App

  • Hit the “Save” button

  • Once the App is created, click ‘See API details’ 

  • Copy and paste the Keystring and Shared Secret and send these your Huboo Business Development Manager, along with your Etsy store name as it appears in your Etsy account.

  • Once your Business Development Manager has added these details to our admin system, add your 4 digit Huboo reference number to the end of the following link and then click the link / paste this into your browser (this will take you to your Etsy sign in page / dashboard (depending on if you are currently signed in or not) and land on a page to authorise access to your Etsy account from Huboo:

  • Login if asked: 

  • If signing in, provide the response to your chosen 2 factor authentication method

  • Click the blue ‘Allow Access’ button on the landing page

  • If the integration process has been worked you will see a notification on the page as follows: "Tokens saved successfully! Done" 

  • Should there be any errors, you’ll see an error message saying “try again”; please contact us if you receive this message.