Integrating Huboo With Selro

Huboo integrates with multi-channel management platform Selro. 

Please note our Selro integration is a beta version with new updates coming soon. As such you will need to add your listings to Huboo manually - please refer to our guide to listing products manually via .csv.

Single Point Of Integration

Before integrating Selro with Huboo it’s important to ensure that you do not integrate your sales channels (eBay/Amazon/Website etc) to both Huboo and Selro; doing so may result in your orders being imported to Huboo twice. 

As a multi-channel manager, your sales channels should only be directly linked via API to your Selro account. In turn, you can then integrate Huboo with your Selro account.

As a result, Selro will manage your inventory updates across all sales channels and not Huboo. Inventory levels from Huboo will be sent to Selro. This will be matched by SKU - so please make sure your SKUs are unique and included in your product listings import to Huboo).

Connecting Huboo to Selro

  • Log into your Selro account and select ‘Channel Integration’ from the ‘Settings’ dropdown:

  • Click on the ‘API’ tab inside the ‘Channel Integrations’ page

  • Copy the API KeyAPI Secret and API URL and send these to your Huboo Business Development Manager if you are a new client, or your Client Success Manager if you are already shipping through Huboo

  • We will add these API credentials to our system, giving Huboo access to your Selro account.

Setting Up The Integration Correctly To Manage Single Or Multiple Fulfilment Centres

Whilst most clients use Huboo to ship 100% of their orders, we appreciate that some clients will fulfil orders from multiple fulfilment centres or warehouses. As such, our integration with Selro has been developed to cater for clients with either set of requirements.

If you ship items from more than one location (so, as well as using Huboo, you post items from your warehouse direct to customers, or use another fulfilment company in another country etc) you will need to add Huboo as a ‘Fulfilment Centre’ in Selro. 

  • Hover over the “Settings” tab in the main navigation in Selro and click “Fulfilment Centres”

  • Click the “Add Fulfilment Network” button at the top right hand side of the page

  • Choose Huboo from the two Fulfilment Centre options which pop-up: 

  • ‘Fulfilment Centre ID’ will be generated. Copy this and send this to your Huboo Business Development Manager or Client Success Manager

  • Once we add the Fulfilment Centre ID to our admin system, you will be able to choose to send orders to Huboo from your Selro order management section (under the ‘Unshipped Orders’ tab:

  • If you prefer for the above process to be automated (if we are the only location you fulfil orders from) visit the Huboo Fulfilment Centre in your Selro dashboard and enable ‘Automatically Fulfil Orders ’

  • Please also note that we are currently still developing our integration to manage shipping method selection from Selro. As such when your orders import to Huboo your default Huboo shipping method services will be applied. 

  • If you need to, you can change the shipping method by clicking on the customer name / address on the order in your Huboo dashboard under ‘Sales With Huboo’:

We will advise you as soon as the additional functionality to work with Selro’s shipping method selection tool is live.