Integrating Huboo With OnBuy (Beta)

Huboo offer a complete order and inventory synchronisation integration with OnBuy.

Simply follow the below steps to integrate your OnBuy seller account with us.

  • Sign into your OnBuy seller account

  • Under the listings & products tab, select “Imports & Integrations”

  • You will see the OnBuy API as an installed integration

  • Click into the OnBuy API - on the OnBuy API page you will be provided with all the required details we need to integrate your account with Huboo:

Please send the following details from the Connection Details to your Business Development Manager:

  • URL

  • Consumer Key

  • Consumer Secret

Once your Business Development Manager has input this information into our internal admin system your orders from OnBuy should pull through to your Huboo dashboard automatically.

Please note our OnBuy integration is currently a Beta version, meaning you will need to link / add Huboo listings manually. We will still synchronise inventory updates for your OnBuy channel.