To fulfil any item through Huboo the item will require its own Huboo listing, so we can assign a unique Huboo identifier to the product for inventory management purposes.

To make this easy for our clients, we’ve created an easy-to-use system which allows you to add listings to Huboo directly from your sales Channel listings (Shopify/eBay/Amazon etc).

To add listings this way, simply log into your Huboo dashboard (at least 1 hour after your sales channels have been integrated with Huboo) and click the ‘Listings Not Yet With Huboo’ button:

Within the ‘Listings Not Yet With Huboo’ page you’ll be presented with a series of tabs, corresponding to each of the sales channels you have marked / have indicated to us that you sell on:

Important note - you only need to create ONE listing with Huboo for each item you wish to fulfil through us (NOT one for every channel you sell it on).

Let’s say you sell all the items that you intend to send to Huboo on a Shopify store - and only some of them on your eBay store. 

In this instance, we would recommend you use the Shopify tab of the Listings Not Yet With Huboo page to add your Huboo listings (as this should contain all your Shopify listings and thus, in this instance, 100% of the items you need listed with Huboo).

(Note the respective sales channel tabs will only show your listings on that channel once you have been successfully integrated. If your listings don’t show, please contact your Business Development Manager so we can ensure you’re correctly integrated.)

To choose which listing(s) from the list you wish to add as Huboo listings, simply hit the ‘Select’ button alongside each item you want to add to Huboo:

Once you’ve selected all the items you wish to create Huboo listings for, click the “Next - Choose Options” button (shown both at the bottom left and top right hand side of the page)

You will then be taken to a page showing all the listings you’ve selected to add to Huboo

You now need to confirm for Huboo how we should PHYSICALLY identify the item. Huboo will show all types of identifier that have been downloaded from the original channel listing for you to select from:

For items with barcodes which are physically printed on the packaging (and consistent on each consignment you send us), we recommend you use these as the physical identifier, as we can scan these barcodes to receive your stock. This will both expedite this process of receiving your stock and reduce some of the risk of human error involved in reading identifiers by eye.

Once you’ve selected how we should physically identify the product, you’ll need to confirm the level of cover (protection) you require for the item. For full details on our protection options please click here

The charges indicated in this drop-down will be applied to each shipment of the SKU (so, if you take one order for 2 x units, the charge will apply twice, and so on). These charges will appear in your itemised Huboo billing details.

Please note if you have opted for either of our Account Level (HAP) protection options, you should select ‘No Cover Required’ on the individual item.

Once you’ve selected the level of cover required, hit the ‘Confirm’ button:

You’ll then be taken to the confirmation page, showing all listings you wish to add and the options you have selected for each:

If you notice any errors or wish to change any of the options you’ve selected, press the “Change Options” button, which will take you back to the page where you select the options for each listing.

If all items and associated options look correct, hit “Confirm”.

You should then see a confirmation pop-up:

Your listing(s) have been added as Huboo listings and you are now ready to send stock to Huboo for those items!