Importing Listings To Huboo Manually Via CSV File

You can add listings to your Huboo dashboard manually, either one-by-one or via CSV upload. 

Importing your listings to Huboo via CSV is simple; just follow the steps below:

  1. Download our template CSV listings file (Click the link, go to ‘File’, click ‘Download’ and select ‘CSV’ format

  1. Populate the fields with the relevant product information.  

See below explanatory table:

Column Header

Data Required


Your product’s Title / Description as you want it to appear in Huboo


The reference we will use to physically identify products when they arrive into our warehouse. 

This could be how you label the item, or it could be the barcode of the item. 

This identifier must be unique for all your listings.


The SKU for the product as it will appear on your sales channels (ebay/amazon/shopify etc)


Insert a URL to an image of the product here to display this alongside the listing within your Huboo dashboard. This must be a full URL string to function ( etc and not /productimage.jpeg)

  1. We kindly request that you send a copy of your completed file to your Business Development Manager to validate data is in the correct format when processing a CSV listings upload for the first time.

  1. Once your file has been validated by your Business Development Manager, click the ‘Listings Not Yet With Huboo’ button, under the ‘My Listings’ section of your Huboo dashboard

5. Click ‘Add Product Manually’

6. Replace ‘ /manual ’ in the URL for the page with ‘ /csv ’ ( or just click this link )

7. Use the ‘Choose File’ button to locate your completed Huboo listings CSV file 

8. Hit ‘Submit’


9. Once submitted, the dashboard will produce a report on the upload:

The ‘Result’ field will indicate if the upload has been successful. If you receive any error messages, please consult with your Business Development Manager to check your upload file.

10. Your listings should now appear in your ‘Listings With Huboo’ section of your dashboard. 

You can edit details of the listings in this section if required

Details you can update include the identifier, channel SKU and cost of inventory.