Integrating Huboo With WooCommerce

Huboo integrates fully with WooCommerce (the e-Commerce plugin used most commonly with WordPress).

To integrate your WooCommerce store with Huboo simply follow the below instructions

  • Log into your store and go to your WooCommerce settings

  • Within the settings page, click on the “Advanced” tab in the navigation menu

  • Underneath the main navigation, click on the “REST API” link

  • On the REST API section click the “Add key” button

  • Enter Key details for the new API credentials - we suggest calling the Key “Huboo”. Ensure that the Permissions are set to “Read/Write”

  • IMPORTANT - Do NOT close this page until you have completed the next step

  • Your API Consumer key and Consumer secret will now be generated. Copy these and send them to your Huboo Business Development Manager along with your store URL (e.g. Once you close this page you will not be able to view your API key or Secret again inside WooCommerce.

  • Once your Huboo Business  Development Manager has entered your Consumer key and Consumer secret into our system your WooCommerce store will now be integrated with Huboo.