Integrating Huboo With Big Commerce (BETA)

Huboo integrate with Big Commerce

Please note our Big Commerce integration is currently a beta, supporting automated order import to Huboo and product matching by SKU. The beta integration does not currently support inventory synchronisation.

To integrate your Big Commerce store with Huboo simply follow the below instructions

  • Log into your Big Commerce store and click on the “Advanced Settings” menu in the sidebar navigation

  • Under the Advanced settings dropdown click on “API Accounts”

  • Inside the API Accounts page, click on “Create API Account” and select “Create V2/V3 API Token”

  • Give the API Token a suitable name, like “Huboo” and select the below permissions. Copy the API Path that is generated in the second field as you'll need this later...

  • Press the “Save” button… a dialogue box containing the API Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token will appear. 

  • IMPORTANT - Do NOT close this page until you have completed the next step

  • Copy the API Path (the second field in the API account form), Client ID, Client Secret and Access Token and send these to your Huboo Business Development Manager. 

Once your Business Development Manager has added these credentials in our system your Big Commerce store will be integrated with Huboo*

*As a BETA our current Big Commerce integration will not download listings to your Huboo dashboard, nor will it allow you to synchronise your Huboo inventory with your Big Commerce store. 

We will update you when the integration is updated to include these features.

For BETA integrations you will need to create Huboo listings manually (unless you are also listing the same items on other channels which we are fully integrated with). Please check with your Business Development Manager.