Setting Up WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Extension With Huboo

Huboo, by default, sends tracking numbers to all customer WooCommerce integrations, within the “Order Notes” section of the order page

However, you may wish to include both the tracking number and full tracking link within your customer notification emails from WooCommerce. 

To enable this, you will need to purchase and install the official WooCommerce Shipment Tracking App - which is supported by the Huboo integration.

Simply purchase and install the plugin in your WooCommerce store and advise your Huboo Business Development Manager or Client Success Manager that you would like the App functionality to added to your WooCommerce integration (including your 4 digit Huboo reference number).

We will then have this enabled on your account and the fields within the App (as shown in the screenshot below) will start to be populated (for NEW ORDERS ONLY) once we have enabled this. 

Please note - orders which have been imported to and shipped from Huboo prior to the App being installed your side and enabled our side will NOT be updated retrospectively).