Huboo are certified members of the Shopify Partners program

The Shopify Partners program allows certified partners to invite their clients to grant access to their store(s), with customisable permissions.

Why Should I Grant Huboo Access?

This direct access makes solving any setup-related issues quick and easy for our team. Our in-house Shopify experts are fully trained in building and maintaining Shopify stores and are able to offer help and advice on several aspects of the platform’s functionality as well as how best to integrate Shopify with Huboo.

We recommend granting access through the partners program as soon as you integrate your Shopify store with Huboo. 

Do I Need To Grant Huboo Access To My Store Via Shopify Partners In Order To Integrate?

No. Our integration is given access to the required customer and order information through a different authorisation process. The access provided through the Partners program is designed specifically for human access to manage/develop the store.

Granting Access

To do so, you simply need to approve the request sent by our team, which will appear as a notification at the top of your admin home page in Shopify:

When you click “Review request” you will be shown a full list of permissions requested by Huboo:

Our standard procedure is to request Full Access (as shown in the screenshot above). If you do not want to grant full access, please advise your Huboo Business Development Manager of the Permissions we should request that you are happy to approve. 

Please note that by restricting access to any elements of your store, we will not be able to help directly with any issues regarding those elements.

Revoking Access 

If for any reason you ever need to remove Huboo’s access to your store, you can easily do so within your Shopify settings:

  • Under the “Settings” menu click on “Plan and permissions”

  • Scroll down to “Permissions” ; you should find “huboo technologies limited” in the “collaborator accounts” section

  • Click the “huboo technologies limited” link and scroll down to the bottom of the page - then just click “Remove huboo technologies limited Collaborator”