Huboo Open API users have a unique view of Huboo's internal order statuses, which you will need to understand in order to effectively map your own channel statuses.

These statuses are detailed below. If you are unsure of any of these status' definitions, please raise a support ticket.

neworderorder line item received, pending allocationthis status can also apply to orders received when stock is not available, but will 'wait' until stock is received and allocate automatically, if received within 7 days of import. This setting can be disabled by Huboo admin if you request 'do_not_wait_for_stock' be enabled at account level.
withhubooorder line item allocated to available to stockthis order line item will be fully processed for shipping in our next 'shipping lock' (this occurs three times daily, 09:00/12:00/14:30.
pendingthis is exclusive to Amazon orders, which have not been paid/completed by customersnot relevant to Open API users unless building custom integration for Amazon>Huboo
not_released_yetorder line item allocated to stock but held, pending releasethis will only apply to accounts whereby 'hold_orders' setting is applied either in isolation or with 'release_full_baskets' also applied
split_to_bundleorder line item imported and recognized as containing SKU used in Huboo bundle listingplease refer to . The order line on this status then creates further order line items for each respective component of the bundle, this original line becomes redundant (no shipments are created from the original order line as it relates to no actual physical stock)
split_to_bundle_NOT_ENOUGH_STOCKlegacy status - this will not apply to any ordersN/A
notforhubooorder line item received but cannot be fulfilledrefer to NB refer also to notes in cell C2 - orders may not reach this status when out of stock if we are 'waiting on inventory'
completeorder line item complete, shipment created, tracking assigned (i.e. shipped)orders will not progress to this status without tracking applied
cancelledorder line item cancelled in Hubooyou cannot cancel an order in Huboo by cancelling on your channel - this must be cancelled via Huboo dashboard.